3-D Cakes

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3-D Cakes gallery

Cake is the centerpiece for any occasion especially the Three-Dimensional aka 3-D cakes. These cakes are popular with both kids and adults.

At Cakes and Icing I can make any idea or picture into a 3-D cake and those always make a party to be remembered. Using your ideas and my creativity we can create one-of-a kind creation for your occasion. I have made many 3-D cakes for my customers and to name a few of those are Iron Man mask, iPad, 3-D Dinosaur, Princess Castle cakes, Ice skating shoe and many more.

Here are a few samples of Three Dimensional (3-D) cakes designed / baked by me. You can contact me to discuss your ideas and we can make one-of-a kind cake to be remembered by your guests.

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